Persisting- I think Im pretty good at this, i always try to push my self to find a way to figure out the problem.


Listening with understanding & empathy- I also listen to what others have to say, although i need to do a better job on putting more attention to detail.


Thinking about thinking- I need to do a better job on thinking about things and carrying them out farther.


Questioning & posing problems- I try to do a good job of thinking about different possibilites and different situations.


Thinking & communicating with clarity & precision- I need to work on communicating clearer.


Creating, imagining, innovating- I think I do a pretty good job imagining different situations also creating and problem solving. 


Taking responsible risks- I do a good job of taking risk i know are safe and will not end badly.


Thinking interdependently- I believe i do a good job of this because im very capable of working with others.


Managing Impulsivity- I do a good job with this because i can always handle whatever situation i am in.


Thinking flexibly- I am a flexible thinker because i always keep my mind open to new ideas. 


Striving for accuracy- I do a good job of setting a goal for myself and need to focus more on reaching that goal.


Applying past knowledge to new situations- Whenever i am able to do so i use my past knowledge on whatever i am working on.


Gathering data through all senses- Gathering data through all senses is something i could improve on.


Responding with wonderment and awe- I need to do a better job in appreciating others work.


Finding humor- I do a good job on staying positive and always having a good attitude.


Remaining open to continuous learning- I can do a better job of not settling for where i am when theres always room to improve.

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  1. rpowers5

    Good job

    September 27, 2013
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