HOM & Rapid Prototyping

When I think of rapid prototyping I think of quickly putting together a model and then sending it through test runs or seeing what does and doesn’t work about it and then making another prototype to see how that one works. And once you have gone through enough tests and have seen what works for your task you can then take that and develop a final model that’s has all the successful parts of the past prototypes in it. The 16 Habits of Mind may or may not support rapid prototyping. A lot of them are about thinking and developing background information so you will be successful when you are building your project, however rapid prototyping is less about the thinking process and just building. In my opinion the habits of mind are more about accuracy and decreasing the possibility of failure however with rapid prototyping failure is going to happen but you want failure to happen so you can learn from it. Most of the 16 habits of mind are intertwined in rapid prototyping, finding humor, taking responsible risks, striving for accuracy, creating imagining innovating, remaining open to continuous learning, all are examples of habits of mind that support rapid prototyping.

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