The use of heroine among Vermonters has dramatically grown over the past years and has caught Governor Shumlin’s eye. Shumlin has made it clear that heroine is an ongoing problem that needs to be stopped. A lot of addicts have identified that they’re in trouble and are looking to resolve their problems but Vermont right now doesn’t have the facilities and capacity to treats these addicts. Shumlin is proposing a 200,000 dollar budget adjustment to help increase staff and increase resources to implant into treatment centers. A lot of stress is being put on sending in more resources to statewide recovery centers. Shumlin states a lot of facts, such as that a week in treatment is greatly less expensive than a week in prison. This goes back to recidivisms rates being high, if people with addictions are going to treatment instead of prison it is less likely that they will commit this crime again and their addiction will be gone. Shumlin identifies that it is hard for these treatment centers to start up because a lot of people have negative feelings towards the way it makes their towns and communities look. This is why it’s hard to raise money for these treatment facilities, a lot of people don’t realize the possible end results this treatment centers will produce. The number of people in jail will decreases and the money spent on these people in jail with dramatically decrease. It’s hard for Shumlin to prove that is will what happen but I agree with his ideas.


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