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Over the past week I have been going around the school and taking a survey about different states people would and wouldn’t want to live. I surveyed 22 different people and below are the results in a spreadsheet form and a graph form. The first set of data is seven different states people would most want to spend the rest of their life in.




California   8     


Vermont    4     


Florida       2     


Texas                  3   


Massachusetts 3 


New York   1     


Colorado    1     








California is clearly the favorite state among the people I surveyed. Vermont is a steady second, and Colorado and New York are both tied for the least popular state people would want to live in. The next set of results are states people least want to live in. The data shows that Alaska and Nebraska are both not appreciated among these people. North Dakota is right behind them with four votes of people that would not want to live there. Montana got the least amount of votes for this category. I enjoyed taking these different surveys because it was interesting to see what states people enjoyed the most and what states people were least fond of.




Mississippi       2


Alaska                5


Vermont          3


New Hampshire          2


Nebraska         5


Montana         1


North Dakota 4








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