Stimulus #3

The Ted Talk “Where Do Good Ideas Come from?”  by Steve Johnson and the article “Thinking Out Loud” by Clide Thompson both talk about the concept of ideas. The Ted Talk credits the creation of the coffee house for producing a lot of good ideas. The coffee house is an environment that allows people to be around one another and talk about what they’re interested in. The article tells why being able to communicate your ideas is important. Once youre able to put your ideas on paper and explain/show them to others it gives them the possibility to expand and improve your ideas. He talks about how a women in Kenya was able to was able to write about the problems in her country and then people were able to understand what was going on and how they could possibly help out with a solution. These stimulis connect because they prove how ideas become better once people callaborate with each other and talk about ways to enhace what they’re thinking about. Many great ideas are not first thought but once you are challenged with something that gets your mind thinking it is easier to think of different ways to reach your goal in a more accurate way.

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    June 22, 2016