Stimulus responce #2

For our IDEA class we were asked to view a video called “IDEO Shopping Cart Project.” A lot of the clip was about the company IDEO, it is an innovative company that creates and designs different things for hundreds of other companies. It’s a team of innovators that work together to think of different ideas than make them reality. The team was given a week to recreate a shopping cart. Before they can actually start the process of building they have to think of the different possibilies..cost, safety, reliability, efficiency, ect. IDEO believes in trying before asking, and that’s the way they say they come up with ideas.

We also had to look at an article from the book of “Creating Innovators” by Tony Wagner. The article talks about how important innovation is in our world and the different kinds of innovation. Incremental innovation is about improving existing products and disruptive innovation is about creating a completely new product that displaces the past products. Also it talks about how our economy needs to be innovative to compete up with everyone else.

These two pieces of information give me valuable knowledge on how to be a successful innovator in today’s world. Both of these show the different ways you can be an innovator and how important it is to keep moving forward.

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